Friday, January 15, 2016

1000 Hours

Yesterday I learned something fascinating. It takes 1000 hours of doing something in order to master it. Just hearing this gave me a serge of motivation to devote more time into my interests–mainly, podcasting. I'm working on setting up a set day and time to record content, and a set day and time to publish it the next day. If I can get down 2-4 hours of audio a week, I will be in expert in a few years time. That's not to mention the time it takes to edit and post each hour of audio, or the possibility of increasing the amount of episodes per week as time passes. I'm feeling really good about life right now.

Also, an update about my project on homelessness: unfortunately over the winter break I slacked off and found myself devoting my free time to hiking in the woods. However I have talked to my professor, and we are for sure taking HERO club in the direction of helping the homeless over the semester. Our goal is to collect goodie bags, filled with food, toothbrushes, possibly bus passes, ect... I'm absolutely pumped to be doing good and I'm am thankful for the opportunity I've been blessed with to be the president of this club.

Oh, and classes for the semester are going good. So far I can't decide of my favorite class is Yoga or Sociology. Economics is... eh. Maybe that will change as the semester progresses.

Well, until next time,

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