Monday, December 14, 2015

The one, the only, Good Clean Dolan!

"Love, it's a weird thing ain't it?
There's no way to explain it
But I swear as well as pain
There should be joy but we sustain
The same level of mundane
And it's numbing me through"
-Scroobius Pip

This quote is echoing through my head tonight. No, it does not apply to any person in particular in my case, but rather it applies to my love of life. I'm passionate about living and experiencing all of the wonderful things in the world, but lately it's been a collage of the mundane, leaving me with a feeling of numbness. Dark? Naw, I'm appreciative of times like this, as they provide a contrast for when times are better. Lately it seems as if I'm alone in the world. I am alone in this world. Before, I would depend on people for fun and satisfaction. Now I seem to be on a constant search for ways to be content with myself. This isolation is partly by choice, partly for lack of people to share time with. Although it is a growing experience. The more I learn to live and love myself, the more I'm able to enjoy the experiences I have with the people I love. I'm learning to really listen to people. I'm learning to make my words matter. I'm carving a path on life that I never knew existed. I'm working towards purpose and prosperity. Although carving your own path does take time. I'm at such a strange stage at the moment, and I'm making sense of it the best that I can. I'm expressing myself more through my podcast and newer projects such as youtube videos and this blog. My goal is to make a difference in the world, and I'm moving towards it one step at a time, and documenting my progress through these mediums. Stay tuned to follow these projects I'm crafting, and feel free to jump aboard if you dare.

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