Wednesday, December 16, 2015

I fought the law, and I won two out of three.

"Dear Mr.Dolan:
The outcome of your tickets is as follows:

DISMISSED. Your cases were dismissed meaning that you have no further obligations with the citations. It will be as it never happened and it will never appear on your driving record. "

"Dear Mr.Dolan:
The outcome of your ticket is as follows:

No Points. While I wanted your case totally dismissed, the judge would not. However, the judge did agree to withhold adjudication, which means you will have no points on your driving record. Thus, you will have no insurance consequences for this ticket.
  Payment: You are required to take an 8 HOUR DRIVER IMPROVEMENT COURSE IN PERSON, and provide proof to the Clerk by February 15, 2016. You must also pay the fine and court costs in the amount of $312.00 by February 15, 2016. "

It looks like I didn't save any money for the short term on these tickets, but at least I don't have any points on my license at all. A few months back I was pulled over for allegedly speeding. Upon running my license, the officer discovered my license was suspended, which I had no knowledge of since I had recently changed my address and didn't receive any letters from the state. He wrote me a ticket for speeding and driving with a suspended license, which were 4 points each, giving me 8 points in one year. Then the office wrote me another ticket for 12 points within 12 months, which in itself gave me the extra 4 points needed to meet the 12 points limit, which makes no since whatsoever. No way would I let the cop get away with this, so I hired an attorney to take care of this. Although now I've ended up paying double what I would have to just pay the tickets, at least I have somewhat of a feeling of justice.

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