Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Boredom: Bettering the comunity.

Last night I was chilling with my good friend, Heather. Heather has been out of a job for some time and–like me–found herself with a feeling of wasting away. As we were enjoying a few Shocktops and discussing how bored and meaningless our lives seem to be at the moment, we came up with an idea to take our excessive free time and use it for a greater good. We're going to start actively working in the community to help out the local homeless folk. Tomorrow we plan on going to the homeless coalition and getting some information on what kinds of services are offered to the people that can't get approved to stay at the coalition. The National Coalition for the Homeless is a great establishment, don't get me wrong, but they focus solely on women and children, presumably leaving helpless single people high and dry. I don't know if this is the case, but we plan on seeking out the answer to this tomorrow. We then plan to go to our city's downtown area and personally interviewing some of the homeless to find out what their needs are. We hope to put together a packet of information listing businesses that will hire people off of the street, connections to services that will provide assistance to these people, where to get bus passes, and possibly attaching bus passes and phone cards to this packet. As well as a packet of information, we plan on putting together goody bags of snacks and the likes. In early 2016 when winter break is over and I'm back in school for the new semester, I will inherit the presidency of a club on campus called Human Empathy Rights Organization (HERO). I've already discussed with our advisor, Professor R, organizing the efforts of the club to gather donations of sleeping mats and bags to provide to anybody that may need them. The next month I'll be working on this effort, and when school starts, we'll have a decent number of hands to help as well. I hope to record our progress through the Good Clean Talks podcast, and through youtube videos, so stay tuned!

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