Saturday, February 20, 2016

The ultimate social experiment.

Recently I've been learning about the 6000 year old practice and sister to yoga called Ayurveda. The ancient medicine and way of life can be broken down into three different elements within the human body. There are three Dosas, in the human body, which dictate body type and personality. This, of course is an incredibly rough and over-simplified explanation... but my point with this, is that each Dosha requires a different lifestyle and diet. Learning about this has given me a surge of ideas. First off, is to devote myself to completely following the lifestyle and diet recommended to my Dosha in Ayurveda, for one or two weeks, as an experiment, and to document this time on my youtube channel and on my podcast. However, with this, another idea was sparked to expand this experiment to trying other people's ways of life for a few weeks at a time, and documenting this. I would travel when necessary, stay with people from all over, learn different ways of life, healthy or unhealthy, and document this. I could live the life of a southerner, eating southern food for a couple of weeks, then hang out with homeless folks for a few weeks. I'm not sure how this would pan out with school... it's just an idea for now. Perhaps a part time project to be worked on when I can. I tend to bite off more than I can chew though when I decide to take on projects like this. I should probably stop thinking I can take on everything at once and stretching myself too thin. I just can't stand to sit still and not be productive though. Sigh. We'll see where this idea takes me.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Going to see Tool for the second time this week.

I'm riding in the car as I post this. The first show was epic beyond words, this show is going to be even better, since it's in my hometown. And Yankee and I are going to see them again in Pensacola this weekend. Stay tuned to the Good Clean Talks podcast to hear about our experiences!

Sunday, January 24, 2016

First they ignore you, then they ridicule you...

"First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, and then you win."

     This is the most recent thing written on the white board that I keep above my bed. I use it to right down important things that I can't afford to forget... like "don't forget to print out that tax document" or "remember to pay phone bill" only this note to myself is more important than any of that. I have to remember to be persistent with my goals, and to never give up just because of what people might think. I will win at everything I put my mind to. This podcast has been a dream of mine for a long time now, and now that it's finally working out for me, I'm happier than ever. The only road block that I keep coming across is finding people that are willing to record with me. Perhaps it's time to move outside of my comfort zone and start bringing strangers on board... not sure how smart this idea is... bringing strangers to my house. But I trust my own judgment. Stay tuned and stay good and clean, folks.

Friday, January 15, 2016

1000 Hours

Yesterday I learned something fascinating. It takes 1000 hours of doing something in order to master it. Just hearing this gave me a serge of motivation to devote more time into my interests–mainly, podcasting. I'm working on setting up a set day and time to record content, and a set day and time to publish it the next day. If I can get down 2-4 hours of audio a week, I will be in expert in a few years time. That's not to mention the time it takes to edit and post each hour of audio, or the possibility of increasing the amount of episodes per week as time passes. I'm feeling really good about life right now.

Also, an update about my project on homelessness: unfortunately over the winter break I slacked off and found myself devoting my free time to hiking in the woods. However I have talked to my professor, and we are for sure taking HERO club in the direction of helping the homeless over the semester. Our goal is to collect goodie bags, filled with food, toothbrushes, possibly bus passes, ect... I'm absolutely pumped to be doing good and I'm am thankful for the opportunity I've been blessed with to be the president of this club.

Oh, and classes for the semester are going good. So far I can't decide of my favorite class is Yoga or Sociology. Economics is... eh. Maybe that will change as the semester progresses.

Well, until next time,

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Curvature of the spine.

Does anybody else share my fascination with the spine? Every time I people watch, I can't help but to notice people's postures. For a while I wanted to be a chiropractor, but I've given up on that. Perhaps giving up was wrong. For me, it goes beyond posture... It's confidence, centerness, oneness. It's deeply spiritual. Perhaps I when herd my so called 'calling' I misheard. Maybe my purpose isn't so much to physically currenct people's spines, but to give them reason, knowledge and empowerment to keep their spines from giving to the weight of gravity over time. To keep their souls from taking the damage that this world can deal. Or perhaps my purpose is to correct the damage that has already been done. Maybe not even as a career, but by each individual, one by one, that income across that may be struggling to find their path. Maybe I'm just perfecting my life as it is now onto the rest of my life. Maybe I don't know, maybe I'm okey with that though. 

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

I fought the law, and I won two out of three.

"Dear Mr.Dolan:
The outcome of your tickets is as follows:

DISMISSED. Your cases were dismissed meaning that you have no further obligations with the citations. It will be as it never happened and it will never appear on your driving record. "

"Dear Mr.Dolan:
The outcome of your ticket is as follows:

No Points. While I wanted your case totally dismissed, the judge would not. However, the judge did agree to withhold adjudication, which means you will have no points on your driving record. Thus, you will have no insurance consequences for this ticket.
  Payment: You are required to take an 8 HOUR DRIVER IMPROVEMENT COURSE IN PERSON, and provide proof to the Clerk by February 15, 2016. You must also pay the fine and court costs in the amount of $312.00 by February 15, 2016. "

It looks like I didn't save any money for the short term on these tickets, but at least I don't have any points on my license at all. A few months back I was pulled over for allegedly speeding. Upon running my license, the officer discovered my license was suspended, which I had no knowledge of since I had recently changed my address and didn't receive any letters from the state. He wrote me a ticket for speeding and driving with a suspended license, which were 4 points each, giving me 8 points in one year. Then the office wrote me another ticket for 12 points within 12 months, which in itself gave me the extra 4 points needed to meet the 12 points limit, which makes no since whatsoever. No way would I let the cop get away with this, so I hired an attorney to take care of this. Although now I've ended up paying double what I would have to just pay the tickets, at least I have somewhat of a feeling of justice.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Boredom: Bettering the comunity.

Last night I was chilling with my good friend, Heather. Heather has been out of a job for some time and–like me–found herself with a feeling of wasting away. As we were enjoying a few Shocktops and discussing how bored and meaningless our lives seem to be at the moment, we came up with an idea to take our excessive free time and use it for a greater good. We're going to start actively working in the community to help out the local homeless folk. Tomorrow we plan on going to the homeless coalition and getting some information on what kinds of services are offered to the people that can't get approved to stay at the coalition. The National Coalition for the Homeless is a great establishment, don't get me wrong, but they focus solely on women and children, presumably leaving helpless single people high and dry. I don't know if this is the case, but we plan on seeking out the answer to this tomorrow. We then plan to go to our city's downtown area and personally interviewing some of the homeless to find out what their needs are. We hope to put together a packet of information listing businesses that will hire people off of the street, connections to services that will provide assistance to these people, where to get bus passes, and possibly attaching bus passes and phone cards to this packet. As well as a packet of information, we plan on putting together goody bags of snacks and the likes. In early 2016 when winter break is over and I'm back in school for the new semester, I will inherit the presidency of a club on campus called Human Empathy Rights Organization (HERO). I've already discussed with our advisor, Professor R, organizing the efforts of the club to gather donations of sleeping mats and bags to provide to anybody that may need them. The next month I'll be working on this effort, and when school starts, we'll have a decent number of hands to help as well. I hope to record our progress through the Good Clean Talks podcast, and through youtube videos, so stay tuned!